Congratulations on your Wedding - it will be one of the most important and memorable days of your life - we've been there - we know.
Our typical wedding Season runs from Spring through Fall (and sometimes right into the Christmas Season!!).  Each one of the Couples we work with have a different vision for their day - Sheryl and the Team at Oasis can assist you with making that vision a reality.  Small and DIY - we can help you with that - large and extravagant we have the expertise to make that happen for you.  
We offer a free Consult - usually runs about an hour - we listen, we get an understanding of what your wedding will look like - we provide options, ideas and a quote.  It is vital to get to know each other - together we are going to make the best team!
Let's chat and find out - Email us to book your consult. 
And, again, Congratulations to you and yours!!


Here at Oasis Floral Studio we have a no minimum policy- what does that mean? We do not have a minimum Wedding spend - in other words we can design for you even if you have a smaller budget.  Call us and let's chat - as Professional Florists and Designers it is our job to advise you what you can and can not get for your budget